If I CALL you darling, will you make me pancakes ?!?

Hottie Cakes Co.



Hottie Cakes Co. is the first of its kind food truck, serving delicious - gourmet pancakes in Toronto, ON. We use only the finest and highest-quality ingredients to provide our customers with the best tasting pancakes, featuring a range of gourmet toppings.

Founded in 2019 by Dayna Alyse Richardson, with her mastermind team of business and professional friends, Hottie Cakes Co. uses preservative-free, premium ingredients, offering customers original made-to-order dishes of wholesome goodness daily. Dayna is not new to the gourmet food business having run a successful bakery featuring luxury wedding cakes and other sweet confectioneries. With a desire to make the Hottie Cake experience widely accessible, Dayna has joined the “Food Truck” industry making Hottie Cakes available to you at a variety of locations, commercial happenings, workplaces and your private events.

Today, brunch has become the new dinner, and what better way to celebrate this start or restart to your day than with our unique home style hot cakes. Let’s admit it hot cakes really are the original breakfast/brunch dish, especially when topped with our Muskoka Lodge maple syrup, whipped cream, fresh fruit, chocolate chips or you name it! That golden exterior and sweet or savory toppings combined with the soft and fluffy interior makes for an amazing meal- any time of day!


our partners

We believe it takes a team to bring the best to our customers. We pride ourselves on working in partnership with all our staff, who come with a passion for quality food preparation and service, culinary experience and a customer satisfaction approach.

We are delighted to be partnering with Muskoka Lodge Maple Syrup. This wholly Canadian company is just a joy to work with. They share our belief in quality and wholesome products. Their small-batch production is situated among the mixed forests of Muskoka, ON. They use all organic ingredients and produce 100% pure maple syrup. We use their products exclusively to syrup our pancakes. You can also purchase their products from us whether it is the pure maple syrup or their one of a kind cinnamon maple syrup!

We are currently working on other business partnerships to bring you the best hottie cake brunch experience possible. We will share these partnerships with you as they happen.



Hottie Cakes Co. derives from the word “hot cakes”, the original UK term used for pancakes.  Being as playful and cheeky as always Dayna Richardson thought of the fun name, and the image, and this vision of Hottie Cakes was born.  Since Hottie Cakes was first envisioned, it has taken hard work, dedication, exquisite planning and of course funds to be proudly able to launch Hottie Cakes in 2019.  Having had many life experiences in the UK, run her own cake and bakery business, and fallen in love with all things pancakes, Dayna just knew that she had to make Hottie Cakes Co. an experience for all!  She has honed her “working in small spaces” skills with her experiences working for Yacht Week Croatia where she was the lead chef on the small cruise yachts. Dayna’s Hottie Cakes Food Truck combines her marketing skills, business savvy, broad culinary expertise, event planning and customer service skills and she wants you to be the true beneficiaries.         



"Why didn't I come here sooner?" — NarCity

"Oh my goodness - the carrot cake pancakes are absolutely outstanding. They’re soooo fluffy and then the cream cheese glaze! Mmmmmmm" — Blog TO

"Mouth-gasm much!" — Matt Basile, Fidel Gastros

"Sunday Funday just got a whole new meaning." — Abbey’s Kitchen

“We hired Hottie Cakes Co. to do late night pancakes for our guests after our wedding reception. Everything was amazing - everyone was very impressed with this super cool and unique food truck idea.” — Susan & Mike McCormick


Hottie CAKES Co.

123 Queen Street Wesr
Toronto, ON